Welcome to the Wendel Miners Museum

At the very heart of the former administrative building of the Wendel headquarters, the Wendel Miners Museum invites you to discover the history of coal mining in Lorraine while revealing the place occupied by miners in these emblematic settings. In a modern and attractive presentation spanning over 1,800 m², over 160 objects and models, 25 audiovisual documents as well as countless photos, documents and audio terminals immerse you in the history of coal in Lorraine, the daily life of the miner and his family, the social policies of mining companies, …

Hache de boiseur avec en fond une photo de mineurs qui utilisent la hache

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The building

The Wendel Miners Museum is located in the “Miners’ Building”. This essential place for miners to pass through includes the miners’ hall, offices, shower baths and hanging rooms (changing rooms), the control room, lamp store and union premises.

The building, the oldest part of which dates back to 1866, was enlarged and modernised until 1977. It has not been used since 1986, when the Wendel headquarters ceased operating.

hall du mineur galerie de portraits

The exhibition spaces

The exhibition spaces in the Wendel Miners Museum have been located in the “Miners’ Building” since July 2012. They present the history of coal in Lorraine and the daily lives of miners, as well as the history and original function of the rooms, thanks to audio terminals and trilingual explanatory panels (French, German, English).

salle des pendus, les bleus de travail sont suspendus avec des crochets

A trip through time and history

From the miner’s hall, the visitor leaps back 300 million years to discover the formation of coal. Then, in the corridor leading to the hanging men’s rooms, visitors pass through the 170 years of coal mining in Lorraine, from the discovery of coal in the 1830s to the closure of the last coal mine in 2004.

Matériel ménager de la vie quotidienne (machine à laver, douche, gazinière,...)

The miner’s daily life

The miner’s daily life, punctuated by his workstations, is presented in the cloakroom. This is where visitors can discover his hobbies, his moments of rest, how he washed and ate, through everyday objects and household appliances, which gradually improved the comfort of his home.

The social environment from which the miner benefited (health, training, leisure, housing, etc.) is mentioned in the showers, and we must not forget Saint Barbara, patron saint of miners, who is celebrated by all miners on 4 December.

Politiques sociales- Sainte barbe, patronne des mineurs

Underground and overground jobs

In a monumental hanging room, the work of the miners is represented by 11 underground and overground professions considered to be representative, among the some 700 trades that make up a long chain leading to the extraction of coal.

tenue vestimentaire du mineur français

The testimonial MEETINGS

The encounters with a former miner immerse the visitor in the daily life and work of the miners through an authentic account and anecdotes. For example, they enrich the tour of The Wendel Mine, by adding a more personal approach to the miners’ experiences.

The miner talks about his first days at the mine and then his career in this particular and dangerous world. He also talks about his daily life and the social environment set up by the mine for miners and their families (housing, training, health, leisure, etc.).

Educational activities at the museum

Since October 2010, the Wendel Miners Museum has been offering new educational activities adapted to the various school levels (primary, secondary, high school) and in line with the national education programmes.


All bookings must be made at least 14 days in advance. For organisational reasons, groups are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the booked tour in order to complete the administrative formalities.

Schedules and prices

Wendel Miners Museum is open all year round, Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 6pm.

Exceptional closures dates:

  • 1 January
  • 1 May
  • 24-25-26 and 31 December.

Last entry to the Wendel Mine is at 4pm.

Last entry to the Wendel Miners Museum is at 5pm.

Guided tours in French of the Wendel Mine at 11am, 2pm, 4pm. These may vary according to the season (please ask us).

Guided tours in German of the Wendel Mine on Wednesdays and Sundays at 3pm.

Information and booking: By phone. +33 (0) 3 87 87 87 08 54 or by email: contact


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