Public unable to attend

Explor Wendel Park is accessible to disabled visitors. Facilities have been provided in order to welcome and guarantee the comfort of visitors with motor disability, visual disability, hearing disability or mental disability.


Visitors with a motor disability

  • Dedicated parking spaces
  • Walking paths in the exhibition spaces (Wendel Miner’s Museum, The Wendel Mine) and in the mine complex enable wheelchair access throughout the site
  • Suitable reception desk, toilets and cafeteria
  • Suitable museography (lowered furniture, suitable circulation spaces, etc.).
  • Lifts in the Wendel Mine, enabling access to all the galleries.

Visitors with a hearing disability

  • Installation of magnetic loops on the explanatory audio terminals in the Wendel Miner’s Museum. These terminals present the original functions of the rooms in which the exhibition spaces were installed.
  • Suitable alarm systems

Visitors with a visual disability

  • Contrasting and suitable texts, lighting, reader rails and signs in the Wendel Miners Museum
  • At the reception desk, visually impaired visitors can be provided with a booklet to accompany their visit to the Wendel Miners Museum. This contains all of the text presented in the museum in size 18 font.
  • Suitable alarm systems
  • Visit of the Wendel Miners Museum, combining texts and sound media (sound terminals explaining the original function of the rooms visited, archive films, testimonies broadcast through audio headphones, etc.).

Visitors with a mental disability

  • Galleries and exhibition spaces that promote the movement and understanding of visitors with mental disabilities
  • Specific tours by the cultural mediation team (suitable learning activities etc.) available on request