Educational activities

The Wendel Miners Museum offers educational activities suited to the various school levels (primary school, secondary school, high school) and in line with the French national education programmes.

School group visits include:

  • a guided tour of the Wendel Mine commented by a former miner or a cultural mediator (1h30)
  • and/or an educational workshop led by a cultural mediator (45 mins or 1h30).
  • and/or an open house or activity in the Wendel Miners Museum (from 45 mins to 1h30)

The Museum also offers testimonial meetings with a former miner (1h) to immerse the visitor into the daily life and work of the miners through an authentic account and anecdotes.

On foot or by bus, take your students on a tour to discover the history of the mining towns of Petite-Rosselle, built by mining companies between the mid-19th century and the 1960s.

Practical Information

  • When the activity includes a questionnaire, the school is responsible for the print-outs and the answers are provided to the teachers on request by the museum.
  • Free pre-visits for teachers, booking required
  • Visits only in French (for more information contact us)