Things to do near the Explor Wendel Park

The activities offered at Explor Wendel Park are rich and diverse. Whether it is a visit to mining towns, cycle paths or hiking trails, a wide range of activities enables you to enjoy the surrounding nature according to your desires. If you are more interested in cultural discovery, there are other activities available at the Forbach Tourist Office, the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklinger Hütte or the Industrial and Technical Archives Centre of the Moselle in St. Avold.

Hiking trails

The Galibot loop (11.1km)

Starting from Explor Wendel Park, this 2h30 hike takes you back in time to the past of Petite-Rosselle.

You will discover places that have preserved the traces of their industrial past, marked by coal mining in Petite-Rosselle for over 120 years: the Vuillemin shaft, the Gargan estate, the miner’s memorial, Saint Charles shaft …

Using the city map, feel free to roam around its mining estates and alleys to discover all its charm.

Other hiking trails, some over hills, others through valleys, country landscapes and forests, will take you across the territory of the Forbach region with 8 loops ranging from 6 to 16 km in length. They will allow you to discover the local flora and fauna while contemplating the remarkable historical heritage found throughout the circuits.

Whether you are a seasoned hiker, a walker or just out for a family walk, there will always be a perfect loop to suit your needs.

The Ditschviller Forest loop (7.7 km)

This tour allows you to discover two very different landscapes, one in a forest environment and the other in the heart of an old mining town.

The Hérapel – Sainte Hélène loop (7.1 km)

This loop through the picturesque village of Cocheren leads to the Gallo-Roman historic site of Le Hérapel through a landscape of valleys and green hills.

The Kreutzeck Quarry loop (16 km)

Etzling, Spicheren, Alsting, this tour is characterised by the wealth of its historical and natural heritage.

The Remsing loop (5.8 km)

This tour through the medieval gem of Forbach reveals a landscape of hills and green valleys.

on the hiking trails

The Rosselle loop (9.7 km)

This loop, which links the municipalities of Cocheren, Rosbruck and Morsbach, offers a panoramic view on either side of the Rosselle valley, between hills, valleys and villages.

The Moulins loop (6,1km)

Departure from Kerbach. This charming loop takes you on a journey through the history of flour milling, an activity that was once prosperous in this area.

The Grauberg loop (9.4 km)

This loop, which takes you through various villages on the plateau, offers you a pleasant hike through a succession of wooded massifs and rural landscapes.

The two village loop on a plateau (8.2 km)

This 8.2 km loop allows you to discover the surroundings of Folkling and Gaubiving, two municipalities on the plateau overlooking the agglomeration of Forbach.

More information:

Galibot Trail (PDF) (pdf, 0.38 MB)

itinéraire du Charbon et de l'Acier sur 10km

Cycling routes

For lovers of walking, cycling aand rollerblading, “The Coal and Steel Route” takes you on a journey to discover the local industrial heritage and the Explor Wendel Park. This 10 km route, which crosses a forest section, links the Marienau district of Forbach to Petite-Rosselle.

The Forbach region offers even more ideas for walks:

  • The banks of the Rosselle route: 6.5 km
  • The Hérapel route: 8.5 km
  • The Roman road route: 9 km
  • The Ponds route: 19 km

For more information

Bicycle path brochure (pdf, 1.79 MB)

Bicycles are also available for rent.

Faszination Hochofen Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte
Gesamtansicht Nacht totale Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte


The World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklinger Hütte is the first monument from the height of the Industrial Revolution to be included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is the only ironworks of this period that has been preserved in its entirety. After iron production ended in 1986, the Völklingen plant was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The Völklingen plant was founded in 1873. The first blast furnace fire was lit in 1883. The World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklinger Hütte regularly presents high-level international exhibitions.


The Moselle industrial and technical archives centre in Saint-Avold is a documentary resource centre based on the archives of the coal mines in the Lorraine basin (1946-2004) and the previous mining companies (since 1856). The research carried out concerns both miners and the mining habitat, mining techniques and the coal economy.

Thematic visits are scheduled on request. Access is free of charge by appointment.

News and practical information on

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Forbach Regional Tourist Office

Forbach Regional Tourist Office spans all of the 21 villages in the Forbach region.

The team at the tourist office is made up of local experts, who, thanks to their knowledge of the area, can offer you personalised advice, excellent addresses and insider tips to make your stay in the Forbach region unique!

Find them in Forbach at the Tourist Office located at Château Barrabino, Avenue Saint Rémy or in Petite-Rosselle at the Tourist Information Office located at the Wendel Miners Museum

For further information, visit or call 0033 (0)3 87 85 02 43